Quick Review of “Pelican Blood”

by Simon on September 26, 2010 · 0 comments

This sometimes haunting, sometimes lost film about two suicidal people is – like its main characters – pretty to watch but never quite sure where its going. Yet despite the looseness, its an intriguing tale that comes home strongly.

pelicanblood-f.jpgBrit actor Harry Treadaway and Aussie Emma Booth offer loose and naturalistic performances as the beautiful pair of love-birds Nikko and Stevie – a couple of manic-depressive types who play, love and hurt each other while Nikko seeks out his real passion of twitching (bird-watching). Along with his mates Bish (Ali Craig) and Cameron (Arthur Darvill), he’s close to clocking up his 500th bird – a feat that will make him some kind of twitching-ninja. But when crazy Stevie enters the scene, she tips the dynamics of the trio and sends the mentally fragile and compulsive-obsessive Nikko into a spin. In the most focused – but late to arrive – narrative line, Nikko clashes with an egg-stealer, an almost spiritual confrontation that brings him into contact with the the wild and beautiful forces of nature and the long arm of the law.

You sense that Director Karl Golden is aiming for something fresh, moving, intimate and almost metaphysical – but cant quite keep a hold of the story in the second act – which wafts with the two lost lovers while the power of the birding story flies south for winter. Booth plays her femme fatale with an understated flatness that leaves you wondering what she is really all about, whilst Treadaway brings out the best of a difficult role – watch out for more from him.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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