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by Simon on March 18, 2013 · 1 comment

Like The Sound of Music that the film references in its opening scene, this gutsy little Australian musical takes a colourful look at romance and the work-life balance. Whether you’re a nun or mum, things just seem a lot bouncier when you’re belting out a song. And for the men in your life who work too hard – well, they just need some tender loving crooning. All work and no play makes the Captain a dull boy.


Based on the one woman stage show by Joanna Weinberg, director Mark Lamprell has created an upbeat domestic fantasy, with mother of pesky toddler twins Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michele Kelly) searching for a way out of her isolated Tasmanian existence. Married to whale researcher James (Ronan Keating), Elspeth has moved from London and given up her career as a cabaret singer to feed goats and chooks, and try and raise her two problematic and loveable sons. With James away at sea much of the time, the couple try and communicate using a web-cam, but Elspeth quickly finds she can better use the internet to share her “sink-songs” – mostly playful outpourings of her domestic plight as wife and mother. As her on-line followers grow, she comes to the attention of advertising executive Cassandra Wolfe (Magda Szubanski), who decides to make her a star. Whisked off to Sydney, Elspeth must choose between hubby and fame, a difficult decision that’s going to come with a price and a couple of love songs.

Kelly turns in a wonderful performance as the conflicted Elspeth, a warm and genuine mother, a sexy partner, and a sassy performer who can belt out a tune and dance her way through the many jaunty and carefully choreographed songs. Keating is best when singing and Szubanski clearly enjoyed becoming the corporate bitch. She’s ably supported by Hugo Johnstone-Burt, who plays her long suffering assistant Ralph with tongue-in-cheek poise. The original music is all upbeat, with styles ranging from country and western and pop to tango and a touch of Bollywood. Brightly shot and snappily edited there are moments when the plot seems a little forced, but all can be forgiven in a lollipop world of multi-coloured washing up gloves and soapsuds serenading.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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Shelley March 24, 2013 at 12:14 am

Looking forward to this one :)


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